Admissions Policy



All of our admissions come through the 'Hard to Place Pupils Protocol'. There are weekly meetings to discuss any exclusions or requests for managed moves.



Do you know how many absences your child has had and the potential impact these have on your child education? 90% attendance for your child throughout Primary and Secondary School means they will have missed a whole year off school in their education. We need 100% attendance.

The School Day


We hope that all parents will encourage their child to arrive at school on time. Good time keeping at this stage in life will, we hope, lead to good habits. Do remember though, that it is better to arrive late than not at all.

School Times

The basic school day lasts for 5 ¾ hours for all the children, with breaks each morning and afternoon. All children and staff have breakfast together for which there is a charge of 20p daily. In an average school week the children spend 25 ½ hours in lessons. We class all of our breaks as lessons, this is because of the social skills they are learning whilst playing together.

"To learn, to achieve, to grow!"

To encourage pupils to recognise and develop their talents to believe in their potential for success.