Health, Welfare and Staying Safe



Minor injuries are attended to by members of staff. If we feel that a child needs expert attention we will always contact parents to arrange for the child to be taken to hospital. Parents will always be notified in the instance of a head injury.



Children do sometimes become ill during the day. Although we do our best to make them comfortable, there is no place in school where children can be left to rest quietly. If your child is ill we will always contact you so that you can make arrangements to take him or her home.



You have the authority to keep your child away from school through sickness or other unavoidable cause or because a day is a day of special observance in the religious persuasion to which you belong. Any other kind of absence is unauthorised unless the Head of Centre has granted Leave of Absence. We have to report and publish the number of unauthorised absences each year. We will contact you once the register has closed to find out why your child is not in school. On your child's return to school could you please send him/her with a note explaining their absence so it can be retained with the register. Holiday Arrangements: under new government regulations the head teacher can not give permission for holiday's during term time.



In the interests of health and safety, children are not allowed to wear jewellery in school. The only exception to this will be studs, which must be removed for all P.E. and games lessons.


Staying Healthy at the Primrose Centre

In partnership with parents and carers we aim to help children at the Primrose Centre to be emotionally, physically and mentally healthy. Children can bring healthy snacks from home or buy toast and a drink at breakfast time. We encourage children to drink water throughout the school day.


Health and Fitness

Part of the national curriculum states that all children are required to take part in P.E. lessons.

Your child will require the following: P.E. Kit (shorts or jogging bottoms, t-shirt and pumps)

"To learn, to achieve, to grow!"

To encourage pupils to recognise and develop their talents to believe in their potential for success.